Average Salary of a Change Manager

Change Managers focus on transitioning individuals, team and organisations using methods intended to re-direct the use of resources, business process and budget allocations. They focus on how people and teams are affected by an organisational transition.

Change Manager salary expectations

The average salary for a change manager is around £45-£50k but like most jobs, this can vary depending on experience, skills and location. You are looking at starting on around £35k as a change manager and can earn up to £70k.

Top locations to optimise your Change Manager Salary

Along with most other professions, Change Managers are higher paid in mainly in London. However they are also highly paid in the East of England, Luton, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Maidenhead and Essex.

Ways to boost your Change Manager salary

Like any career, there are always ways in which you can boost your salary. Below are a number of ways in which you can do so:

  • Training

Training is always a good way to help boost your Change Management salary as it can help you perform better and boost your pay through pay rises or promotion, it can also help you demonstrate to employers that you are highly skilled and passionate about your chosen career path, therefore helping you should you apply for a new role offering a greater salary. Below are a few qualifications within change management to help your career:

- APMG Change Management PCM Foundation

- APMG Change Management PCM Foundation & Practitioner

- APMG Change Management PCM Practitioner  

- Change Management Institute ACMF

- Prosci ADKAR Model

  • Become a contractor

Contracting is a worthwhile option for most careers and definitely for change managers. Contracting can open up the possibility of earning an average daily rate of £420 which can be very tempting. However, there are risks involved in contracting so it is worth weighing up your options before making the move. 


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